To 250 recipients who have opted in your list. No more 60 days free trial – It’s Free for Unlimited Period of Time! Refer your friends to us too! Each of your referrals will allow you an increment of 50 more Opted-In recipients. To qualify, a referred user has to sign up and actually use our service. Maximum five (5) referrals are allowed or a total of 500 recipients may be permitted on your free email list. For users with over 500 recipients, paid subscriptions shall apply.

Your mailing lists uploaded to send bulk emails using our email engine are safe and secure (our website has a built-in 256-bit data encryption) and only you have access to your mailing list (not even our admin). Your credit card information submitted for payment is processed by through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is designed to ensure safety and security of sensitive information. Your credit card information IS NOT STORED on our website or server.

Welcome to Constant Emails

Constant Emails is the new way to send customized and attractive-looking emails! We are an email engine that gives you the tools and capability to send out nice, eye-catching emails to a multiple number of contacts.

  • Have you ever wanted to send emails with a custom layout that includes images and even a background?
  • Have you ever wanted to say "Thank you" in a more expressive and colorful way to all of your contacts at once?
  • As a business, have you ever needed to creatively present all of your customers a promotion or notify them of events being held by your company?

If so, Constant Emails is the right place to do just that!
We provide you with effective tools to create, send, and track email messages that help to communicate your ideas in a more visual way!

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Constant Emails Services

Create your own campaigns
Compose and send out professional looking email marketing campaigns
Manage unlimited groups & lists
Build multiple group lists of qualified contacts
Import from popular DB
Easily add contacts from MySQL, MSSQL, Microsoft Excel and MIcrosoft Access databases
Get detailed reports
Track who receives and opens your emails
Create your own mailing templates
Custom made templates let your branding shine through
Get free coaching and support
We are here to help you in anything you may need!
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